My name is Jess.
I'm currently on a mission to get fit and healthy and to lose about 45kg and I am going to make it. I'm body positive and I try to encourage everyone to be the best they can be. I'm a student and work part time in a sex shop so this can be an NSFW blog.
SW: 147.5KG
CW: 133.5KG
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 fit mofo

At work bored out of my tree. Ask me questions and I’ll love you forever and ever.

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voluptuousbananas asked I will bae you so hard Jess.

Yesssss. You. Me. On a horse. In to the sunset. Now. <3

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I don’t think Ill ever NOT reblog this, because it is LIFE.

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Perks of dating me: I can make a mean omlette.

Anybody wanna bae me yet??? No? Okay.

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I forgot how much I hate the taste of cigarettes. But the head rush made work more interesting even if it was just for a minute or so.

I’m glad I never took up smoking in my teenage years.

I’m not against anyone who smokes or anything but yeah. I just don’t know how anyone can get past the taste.

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